Our story began in the year 2000. Fresh out of high school, 2 people with big dreams and big hearts fell in love. Damian (then, a young line cook) and Lissa (a theatre geek, bursting with creativity) only dreamed of building a life together full of excitement, travel and food adventures. After years of playing hard but working harder, it was time to fulfill their teenage dreams and embark on a new adventure. Being Polish and Filipino living in the Clarkson Village area, the idea of a one stop, mom and pop shop (that satisfies anyone’s food ‘kravingz) would end the infinite “what do you feel like eating?….i dunno, what do you feel like eating? debate.” 

15 years later, Kravingz was born. After months of planning and creative juices flowing, a former general contractor and freelance makeup artist (by that time), teamed up with Toronto Chef Edward Furlani to create a spread of cultural dishes and fusions based on their love of travel and love of food. Also, to bring home the flavours from around the world, that were “kraved”and remembered, but didn’t require getting on a plane to enjoy.

Our passionate team strives to bring our patrons home cooked quality food, genuine service and a fun, simple atmosphere. We pride ourselves with fresh home style cooking, producing 90% of our menu items made in house. We also support local suppliers for the freshest ingredients, to prepare our dishes with the freshest taste possible. 

Having been blessed with an amazing family and Kravingz team , we welcome everyone who joins us for brunch. Mississauga (and Canada) is a place of diverse ethnicities and multi-cultural pallates. We love that we can share a piece of our cultures & our love for other cultures, on a plate, for all to enjoy :) 
Meet ​The Team